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Foodhall Community Radio Spotlight – March/April 

Set against the context of the COVID-19 chaos, we’re happy to report some good news! It’s been a brilliant first month for FCR as we get ourselves up and running. The lockdown gave us the opportunity to fast-track the radio’s launch – we couldn’t worry about the completion of our studio space and had to move to accepting pre-recorded shows for the near future. The number of show applications we received in our first month has been greater than we ever expected. A huge thank you to all those people who have sent us a show to broadcast! Together, they have formed a wonderful patchwork that brings together all the things that make radio such a great way of both staying in touch with your community and getting your voice heard; things that are more important than ever right now!

We thought that a great way to celebrate the diversity and quality of the shows we have been broadcasting would be to begin selecting some of the most interesting and entertaining shows that have been submitted by the community. Enter FCR Spotlight; our audience pick a show from the month gone that they would like to put the limelight on. Read our ‘Spotlight’ page to see which shows listeners enjoyed the most!